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The great Fenrir Wars lay in the past but in Belrynna, the heroics of the war’s Champions is celebrated zealously in the Arena. Livia is a promising young Warrior training at Zigmond Academy. Gusty but ambitious, she will both have to fight the mighty Fenrir in the Arena and deal with the political games outside the Arena. Will Livia be able to climb the ranks and become a champion of the Arena? After a fateful encounter, everything she believes in will be put to the test.

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace is a story-rich action rpg that pays homage to '90s gaming with its retro 2.5d pixel art look, but is bold and refreshing enough to carve it’s own path. Join Livia on her adventure through a tale that explores what it means to be family, betrayal versus loyalty and the long-term effects of indoctrination and a brutal war on society.


  • Run, jump and use tools to explore this unique 2.5D world with a retro pixel look
  • A wide linear story rich game with intricate, loveable characters
  • Action Battle system that combines the best of 90’s jrpg games and modern action rpg games
  • Discover vibrant lively cities, cozy hidden villages, vast areas and challenging Crypts
  • Sidequests, hidden Shrines and Arena Challenges to delve deeper in the world of Eniko
  • Intricate License System and blacksmithing system to improve your stats and skills
  • Breathtaking orchestral soundtrack composed by Nickolas Wolfe


Original Soundtrack

Nickolas Wolfe is composing an original Soundtrack for Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace. i'm very happy to work together with this very talented young composer. Here is the Main Theme for Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace:

And the battle theme:


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This game is excellent!

Thank you very much! Can't wait to share the story demo soon!

(1 edit) (+1)

will the game be available in french ?

the music is just amazing!

Thanks! It depends a bit. It will definitely be a stretch goal if we do a Kickstarter. In the other case it depends how much support we can get in the next months :)

ok !


The 2D sprites in a 3D world reminds me of the many RPGs I got immersed in during the PSX era


I've gained a lot of inspiration from the late SNES and early PSX-era, glad you picked up on it :) Demo will be available very soon (+- 2 weeks)!


Came from the Reddit post, can't wait for it! :3


Thank you! :) I am planning on releasing a tech demo and later a full demo before the actual release. Please look forward to it!